Art is the perfect medium for me to share my ideas. Our thoughts, believes, feelings and the way we look at things effect the experiences in our lives. In my artwork I reflect and aim to convey this.
I am a mixed-media artist living and working in Berne, Switzerland. I was born and grew up in the canton of Valais in Switzerland in a small mountain village. Apart from being Swiss I am of Macedonian origin. A fascinating country and culture that also influences my work.
I work with images taken from magazines, the internet, postcards, leaflets, stamps, personal photographs and other printed paper. In manipulating the appropriated imagery by cutting, erasing, adding or removing elements in combination with other techniques, I create compositions that contain their own significations and messages. The techniques I mainly use in my artworks are collage and assemblage in combination with drawing, painting or linocut. I am interested in scale, space and the encounter of different material. Occasionally I include objects in an assemblage manner such as found box frames, fragments of mirrors, wire, and natural matter like stones, rendering the images more complex by adding different layers and surfaces. The artworks have a seductive quality generated by the motive and the haptic materiality; the very physical presence of texture.
Most of my works are small, delicate and intimate consisting of sensitivity, harmony and precision. Elements, colours and titles all carry a meaning resulting in a final conceptual work.
I am inspired by images or landscapes I come across. Often, I draw inspiration from an interesting quote, a philosophical thought, a story, an anecdote or an intriguing concept I read about. I work quite intuitively and sometimes use visions from regular or lucid dreams or emotions. There is also a part in my work that is politically inspired. I am interested in topics concerning nature and social issues.



University of Bern, Master Art History (specification Curatorial Studies and Museology), 2012 – 2014
University of Bern, Bachelor in Art History, 2011-2012
ECAV, art college, Sierre, Valais, Bachelor in Fine Arts, 2005 – 2009
University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, Erasmus-exchange year (Departments of Fine Art, Photography and Painting and Drawing), 2008 – 2009
School of Art and Design, Lucern, preparatory year in Visual Design, 2004 – 2005


Groupe exhibition, FATart Fair – 100 zeitgenössische Künstlerinnen, 2020, Kunstmesse und Ausstellungsplattform, Kammgarn West, Schaffhausen.

Groupe exhibition, Sammlung Reflect, 2018, Studio of the Artist Martin Schnidrig, Ried b. Kerzers.

Groupe exhibition, L’Imparfait du présent. Z im Raum, works on paper from students and alumni of ECAV, 2014, New space Von Gunten, Thun.

Groupe exhibtion, Les Halles, diploma exhibition, 2009, ECAV, Sierre

Groupe exhibition, trace. new contemporary art exhibition, 2009, The Beechwood Shopping Centre, Cheltenham

Groupe exhibition, PLANÈTE JEUNES EXPO 08 – SCÉN’ART 2, Fondation Valaisanne Action Jeunesse, 2008, Galerie Vidondée, Riddes

Collection which include my work: Sammlung Reflect, Private collection.

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